Snooker Coaching by Steve Paling

Snooker Coaching

FAQ: Why Choose Coaching
Along with other ball sports, like golf and tennis, coaching is seen as essential in putting the student on the right track With snooker coaching there are several schools of thoughts:-
First – you could learn from one of the many written books on the subject and then employ these techniques in your practise game.
Secondly – You could watch snooker coaching videos and be instructed in that way I have tried both of these methods with limited success.
My technique did improve slightly but I now know the basic techniques were still not correct My coaching method, based on my experience is to assess everybody individually.

Coaching Lesson Type
Individual Assessments
Step One
Determine what the individual’s want to achieve and what their strengths and weaknesses are, then investigate a plan to establish good basic techniques and then build on this to meet the individual goals of that person.
This assement is free and will be approximately 20 to 30 minutes.
Then a structured lesson will be created, moving at the pace of the individual, and to cover all aspects of the Game

Coaching Lesson Type
Coaching Lesson Types
  • Basic Technique
  • Break Building
  • Safety Play
  • Shot Selection
  • Practice Routines
  • Match Etiquette
  • Tactics & Strategies
  • Rules of the game
Coaching Lesson Type
More details to follow